Executive Council

Officers (Elected)

President Tina Wasson-Blader, MSc, ELS
Secretary Lisa Kisner, ELS
Treasurer Christine Wogan, MS, ELS
Immediate Past President  Hope Lafferty, AM, ELS

Appointed Councilors

Certification Examination Development Naomi Ruff, PhD, ELS
Diplomate Examination Development Norman Grossblatt, ELS(D)
Registrar and Examination Administration Leslie E. Neistadt, ELS
Marketing and Promotion Kelly Schrank, ELS
Membership and Communications Kimberly Mankiewicz, PhD, ELS
Nominations and Elections June Oshiro, PhD, ELS

Non-Voting Members

Past President Thomas Gegeny, MS, ELS


Executive Director

Sheryle Hazard, CAE
2345 Rice Street, Suite 220, St. Paul, MN 55113
651.925.5528 | 651.317.8048 fax
[email protected]