BELS Logo Use Policy

The right to use the BELS logo is granted exclusively by the BELS Executive Council. The logo is used for the organization's digital communications, marketing materials, and official correspondence.

BELS allows use of its logo by BELS-certified individuals (those who have passed its certification examinations). Allowable use includes listing on an individual's stationery, business cards, personal or freelance websites, electronic (such as email) signature, and in a freelance directory. Such use does not imply endorsement by BELS.

Companies that employ ELS-certified editors may not use the BELS logo but may state that they employ BELS-certified editors.

Any other use of the BELS logo shall be considered only by written request (including email), and decisions will be solely at the discretion of the BELS Executive Council.

Use of the BELS logo not covered by this policy will be addressed by the BELS Executive Council in cooperation with legal resources and appropriate government and regulatory authorities as required.